Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Canidae Grain-Free PURE Taste Cat Treats Review

Last month, we received a package of Canidae Grain-Free PURE Taste with Fresh Chicken Cat Treats from Chewy to review.

Canidae Grain-Free PURE Taste treats possess several great features.

  • They are grain and gluten-free.
  • Their crunchy texture helps clean cats' teeth and freshen breath.
  • The resealable bag helps keep treats fresh.
  • The recipe only has seven ingredients: chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, peas, potatoes, chicken fat, and lamb meal.  They also have natural flavor, menhaden fish meal, and mixed tocopherols (a source of vitamin E). 
  • They are made in the United States.
  • Each treat contains fewer than 1.5 calories. 
  • The treat's small size makes it a great snack option for all kitties. 

An orange tabby checking out a bag of cat treats.

To be honest, I was a little skeptical about whether either Carmine or Milita would like these treats.  The past few times I've tried to pick out some healthy treats for them to try, they weren't at all interested in them.  So, what did Carmine and Milita think about the Canidae Grain-Free PURE Taste treats?

An orange tabby sniffing a cat treat being held out for him.
Carmine: *Sniff sniff* *Lick lick*

I'm happy to report that Carmine loves these treats!  He didn't hesitate at all to gobble up the first treat I gave him, and he begged for more.  

Milita, on the other hand, wasn't impressed.  When I gave her a treat, she sniffed it and turned her nose up.  I'm not very surprised by her reaction, though.  Milita is incredibly picky about her treats.

One cat looking at the camera while the other looks at her.
Carmine: If hers doesn't want hers treats, can mes has them?

I'm glad I have finally found a healthy treat Carmine loves!  Thank you, Chewy, for the opportunity to review the Canidae Grain-Free PURE Taste cat treats.

FTC Disclaimer: We received a bag of Canidae Grain-Free PURE Taste with Fresh Chicken Cat Treats in exchange for an honest reviews.  Receiving the bag of treats did not influence my (or the kitties') opinions in any way.  All opinions expressed on Fur Everywhere are my (or my kitties') own.  


  1. Pretty much the same here, some do, some don't!

  2. Sounds like a mixed reception. Same would be true here, Buddy refuses to eat healthy, good for him food. He's our junk food kitty! Theo on the other hand will eat whatever is placed in front of him!

  3. We all love those treats here!

  4. We haven't tried those, but it sounds like they're worth a try, for sure!

  5. Truffles isn't usually a huge fan of healthy treats either but she LOVED these! Our package is actually already gone!

  6. Moosey agrees with Carmine -- those are delicious!

    Gracie and Zoe agree with Milita, but they really are not fans of ANY treats. :)

  7. We might need those to tempt Minko.but he and even Pipo hardly evfur want to eat treats when offered. Silly dudes!

  8. That is great that Carmine likes them and they are good for him too.

  9. Tasty treats that are good for you. We need to try these.

  10. Hmmmmm, yea, but kitties here are pretty stuck on Temptations treats.....

  11. Those sound like tasty treats! I haven't tried any Canidae cat treats, but Shiner does like their dog treats!

  12. It sounds like those treats are really yummy! I'm glad that Carmine liked them. Perhaps you will find one that Milita is more fond of in the future. I haven't tried these ones with my kitties yet.

  13. glad to hear of another grain free option. My animals seem to do well on a grain free diet.

  14. Mine are the same, if it's healthy they aren't interested so I'm you reviewed this. I will give them a try and see what happens.

  15. Glad one of your kitties liked the treats!

  16. Glad one of your kitties liked the treats!

  17. Glad one of your kitties liked the treats!