Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pro Plan Dental Crunch Cat Snacks Review

FTC Disclosure: As part of's Blogger Outreach Program, we received a bag of Purina Pro Plan Dental Crunch Cat Snacks with Natural Chicken & Liver Flavors Cat Treats for a fair and honest review.  Receiving the treats did not influence my (or my cats') opinions.  All opinions expressed on Fur Everywhere are my (and my cats') own. is not responsible for the content of this post.

I selected Purina Pro Plan Dental Crunch Cat Snacks with Natural Chicken & Liver Flavors Cat Treats this month for Carmine and Milita to try because they really love the other Pro Plan treats they've tried, and I had no idea Pro Plan makes dental treats.

Pro Plan Dental Crunch Cat Snacks have several benefits:
  • They help reduce tartar buildup.
  • They are high in omega-6 fatty acids and protein.
  • They are made with natural chicken and liver flavors.
  • The treats have no added artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
  • The treats' crunchy texture helps clean your cat's teeth and freshen breath.
  • They are made in the USA.
The ingredients in Pro Plan Dental Crunch Cat Snacks with Natural Chicken & Liver Flavors Cat Treats include: ground yellow corn, chicken meal, corn gluten meal, animal digest, animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols, powdered cellulose, fish meal, animal liver flavor, glycerin, calcium carbonate, natural flavor, salt, brewer's dried yeast, vitamin E supplement, and tricalcium phosphate. 

I would love to see real meat added to these treats, but I figured a treat that can help my kitties' teeth is worth trying.  So what did Carmine and Milita think about the treats?

Carmine comes running from wherever he is anytime he hears a Pro Plan treat bag rattle, so it wasn't hard to get his attention!  Carmine really loves these treats!  And do you know what the best thing is?  He actually chews them!  Carmine has a habit of not chewing his kibble or treats.  Instead, he usually just swallows them whole.  A lot of treats are small, which is great for cats, but it also allows them to swallow the treats whole if they choose to, like Carmine does.  The Pro Plan dental treats are too big for Carmine to swallow them whole, so he chews them up every time.  Finally, a dental treat that will actually help his teeth because he chews it up!

It's hardly any surprise that Carmine liked the treats - he is very picky about his food, but he loves just about any kind of treat.  The real test is whether the treat critic in the house - Milita - liked them.

Milita also likes the treats!  She's not quite as enthusiastic about them as Carmine is, but she definitely gave these treats her paw of approval!  

I will definitely be purchasing more of these dental treats when our current bag is gone.

Purina Pro Plan Dental Crunch Cat Snacks come in Chicken & Liver and Lobster & Scallop flavors.  You can purchase a 1.8-ounce bag of either flavor on right now for $3.25.  Don't forget that Chewy also offers cat food, litter, and toys for purchase as well.  All orders of $49 or more ship for free.  

Don't forget - some kitty has a special day tomorrow.  We hope you'll stop by to see who it is!


  1. Those sure look tasty, Carmine and Milita. I always like knowing what all treats our furiends out there like. We'll have to give these a try. Thanks for the great review! Purrs!

  2. I’m glad your fur kids liked them.

  3. Angel and Chuck come running when they hear any kind of crinkly bag!

  4. That's great that both kitties like the same treats--sometimes it's difficult to please all the cats. My Abbey rarely eats treats, and we have tried multiple kinds. She eats her dry food really well, she eats a little soft food, but she's not into treats. We'll have to try some of these.

  5. That was a great review! We're always open to trying new things!

  6. Yums! We too love the sound of a treats bag!

  7. Those treats look yummy. We'll check them out.

  8. They look tasty, but my human is not so sure about the ingredients.

  9. Good crunching is predicted in your future, Carmine and Milita!

  10. They look good and we will be asking Dad to get us a bag to try out. *Timmy runs off looking for Dad*