Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Mistaken Identity

Hi everyonne, it's mes, Carmine!

Last weekend, the Mom went to visit this guy. 

Figgy lounging on the floor.

Do yous recognize hims? It bes our friend, Figgy!

The Mom showed this photo to two different peoples, and yous knows what thems said? Thems both said, "Hi Carmine!" 

The Mom said, "Hi Carmine?" And thens hers asked, "Does Carmine really look that big?" 

Carmine in his heated cat bed.No offense to ours friend, Figgy, but hims is fluffy in a different way than mes is! Mes kind of fluffy means mes has lots of fur. A lot of peoples thinks mes is actually bigger than mes is. Theys is always surprised mes is at my ideal weight at 10 pounds. 

Figgy's kind of fluffy means that hims has a bit too much weight. Hims is like 14 pounds. Hims dad and hims vet is working together to get hims to a better weight.

And yous know what else is different about mes and Figgy? Mes ams oranger than hims. 

So, how could the Mom's friends mistake hims for mes?! 

Wes is both handsome orange mancats, but don't yous see a difference?


  1. Don't tell Figgy, but we think you are the handsomest ginger, Carmine. Of course, we're also biased. For a minute, I got paranoid and read through all our messages to see if I was one of those friends.

  2. You and Figgy both are very handsome, Carmine. Maybe that's why people were confused. ;)

  3. Everyone thinks of you when they see orange goodness Carmine!

  4. Carmine, folks just aren't as observant as they could be! Of course your furs are a different ginger shade than Figgy's is, but sometimes when looking at tiny images on a cell phone, peeps just don't think!

  5. Humans are funny - sometimes they can't tell kitties apart! Sort of the same way, when my human had a white Ford Escort years ago, she'd return to the parking lot and couldn't tell her car from all the other cars there! Fortunately, she is better with kitties.

  6. Mew mew mew yes wee see diffyrencess!! Yore tummy not as ;fluffy; carmine an you are orange-er than Figgy who iss sorta a quieter orangey....
    You both are hansum butt inn duffyrent wayss. Do you know peepull here thott mee was 'angel' Unkell Siddhartha!>?!?!? Mee lookss nothin like him, mew mew mew.....
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  7. Very similar, but you are a bit more handsome. XO