Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thankful Thursday: Remembering Lita

Carmine and Milita on the couch together when they were young.

It has been one year since Lita left us.

I thought it might be nice to share a few of my favorite memories of her today.

When Lita and I first moved here, I was going to graduate school. One day, I was listening to one of my boring social work textbooks and eating a few Sun Chips for a snack. I was holding up my chip to take a bite of it when Lita (who was behind me on the top of the the couch) leaned over my shoulder and took a bite right out of my chip! I said, "I didn't know cats like Sun Chips!"

Milita in her tree.

Jewel's former human introduced me to Meerkat Mannor. The first time I watched it, Lita was on the couch with me. She got all interested and started swiping at the meerkats on the TV! She really loved watching that show, so one Christmas I bought her the first season on DVD.

Lita and her bad man.

True to a Siamese's nature, Lita bonded most strongly with one human - and it was not me. Her favorite human was "the Bad Man." How did he get this name? For the last several years of Lita's life, he was the one who gave her most of her medication, especially if it was a pill. So, we started jokingly referring to him as the, "Bad Man." I would joke with him that Lita loved him so much that she would allow him to flatten her on the x-ray machine (the most horrible thing in the world in Lita's eyes) and she'd just purr at him!

She loved her "Bad Man" so much. She would lay on his shoulder for hours if he let her. I have numerous photos of them napping together. I believe she was his soul cat. I am thankful that he was there for so much of her last several years of life. She took great comfort in him. I didn't mind being her second favorite human.

Milita sitting next to her favorite blue bed.

As a young cat, Lita loved this blue bed. It sat on the top of my desk, and she spent hours in it everyday.. She didn't really take to any other beds for years after we had to get rid of this one.

One year, I bought Carmine a nice heated cat bed for his birthday. I knew he'd love it! Imagine my surprise when I saw Lita in it one day. Even more surprising was that Carmine, who is usually pretty mellow at home, got very upset about Lita being in his bed. He got so upset about it that he walked right over to her and started giving her smacky paws to the head!

Lita loved to eat! She'd eat just about any cat food you put in front of her. The funny thing is, she was really picky about her treats. Her favorite kind were Whisker Lickin's chicken and cheese soft treats.

Lita using a toy as a pillow.

Lita loved catnip toys. Her first catnip toy was a little burlap bag filled with catnip. I gave it to her, and within an hour or two, she had ripped a hole in it and was taking the catnip right out of the toy! She also loved Yeowww catnip toys and began using them as little pillows for her head when she had naps.

Lita was a beautiful, intelligent, and loving kitty, and I was lucky that she chose to spend her life with me. We are thankful for all of the wonderful memories we have of her.

Milita's Rainbow Bridge badge.


July 2003 - September 12, 2018

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  1. What a beautiful kitty. When my mom was a little girl, she had a kitty who looked a lot like Lila. Being 7 she named her fluffy, but fluffy she was not at all!

  2. What beautiful memories of such a unique and beautiful cat. Thanks.

  3. Such wonderful memories of a truly wonderful and sweet girl. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

  4. Purrs and hugs on this bittersweet remembrance day.

  5. A great tribute to a beautiful girl.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Deer Miss Sierra yore Milita sure was sweet an beeuteefull an oh so clevurr! LadyMew laffed 'bout THE Sun Chipss.…
    Mee 'angel' Grate-Aunty Mingflower used to nibbell on them too!
    As mee looked at Milita'ss photoess mee cuud see 'angel' Aunty Nylablue inn Milita…
    Wee both sned gentell ***purrsss*** an {{{huggiesss}}} to you fore this annie-versary….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  7. Thank you for all the funny and lovely stories about Lita. <3

  8. Lita was a beautiful girl. I like the Meerkat story :) XO

  9. This is a lovely post of happy memories of your life with Lita. Hugs as you remember your sweet girl.

  10. You have such great memories of your girl. Purrs as you remember her this day.

  11. How has it been a year already? This is a beautiful post. I loved Meerkat Manor too.

  12. It's wonderful to have such nice memories! I never knew cats liked Sun chips but now I am craving some too!

  13. These cats surprise us in so many ways. So much love, huge hearts, and plenty of personality to go around a couple times. Your love for her is clear in the way you accepted that Bad Man was her person. I think you probably underestimate how much she felt for you - cats, like humans don't always know how to show it. Lita was loved and we won't forget her. She's over the bridge introducing all the angel cats to Sun Chips and Meerkat Manor. But she was never ever a "mere" cat.

  14. Hand onto all those sweet memories. Dad says he still has tons of them with his old pal Orbit. We do get so attached, don't we?

  15. What special memories of your beloved Lita. Thank you for sharing her with all of us!

  16. I love these memories of Lita. She knew she was loved and safe. For those of us with complicated childhoods, we realize that's the best gift we can give our own "kids."