Thursday, September 28, 2023

It's Giovanni's Half-Birthday!

 Hi everybody, it's mes, Giovanni again!

Guess what? Today is mes half birthday! Mes is six months old already, and Mama cannot believe it! When hers broughted me home, mes was only 10 weeks old. Mes has grown into a big boy in the time mes has been living here, but Mama insists mes will always be hers "baby cat." 

Mes thoughted it would be fun to show you photos of my first six months of life. Mes hopes you enjoy!

Here's Giovanni the day I met him at his foster home. He hung out on a stool by me for a while and even had a nap by me. I felt quite special.

Mama came to meet me in de first week of June. Hers was afraid mes didn't like hers at first cause me just sat in de corner and wouldn't come over to say hi. But after mes saw hers playing with my siblings, mes decided to check hers out. Mes hopped up on a stool near her and let hers play with mes a bit. Then, mes curled up on de stool and had a nap! Mes hung out near Mama most of the visit after dat. 

Mama has since learned dat mes is a bit shy around all new peoples (unlike Tylan). Our Uncle Steve has been over several times, and mes JUST hopped up by him de last time hims was here. Hims was happy!

Giovanni at the vet a couple of days after I brought him home.

Here mes is at de vet just two days after Mama brought mes home. De vet staff all fussed over how cute mes is. De vet examined mes and told Mama dat mes is in perfect health! Mes also gotted yucky dewormer and a kitten vaccine at dis visit. 

Giovanni loves the cat quilt Lucy made me.

About a week after mes came to live with Mama and Tylan, Mama's dad, sister, husband, and kids came to visit us in Colorado! Mama's sister's mother-in-law, Lucy, made Mama this beautiful cat quilt that mes loves to lay on.

Giovanni hanging out on my bed.

Mes likes to hang out on Mama's bed when hers is not in it. Mama was hoping mes would curl up and sleep with her when hers sleeps, but nope! Mes tells her mes has too many kitten things to do to sleep with hers. MOL!

Giovanni and Tylan
Giovanni and Tylan hanging out together.

'Mama hoped that mes and Tylan would get along....and we do!When mes first came here, mes used to curl up with Tylan a lot. Mes doesn't curl up with hims in the heated bed anymore, but we hang out together a lot still. Mes and Tylan play together all de time. Mama is happy that we get along so well!
Giovanni insists I take him to the store.

Mes loves to hang out in Mama's little grocery cart. Mes tells her hers should take me to de store, but hers never does. Sometimes hers brings me stuff from de store, though.

Giovanni is very active and energetic. Here are just a couple of the toys he enjoys.

Mes loves, loves, loves to play! Mes loves to play with Tylan and mes loves to play with my toys. Mama often throws balls for me to chase, and mes loves that! Mes also loves it when hers plays with mes and Tylan with de fishing pole toys. My favoritest toys are balls! Mamaa boughted me all kinds of balls - balls dat light up, balls dat make noise, balls with bells in dem, soft, squishy balls, sparkly balls, and crinkle balls - mes loves dem all!

Mama is enjoying getting to know mes as mes grows into a big boy. Hers noticed mes likes to be really high! Mes is always looking for high places to be and how mes can get as high as I can to watch de world. In fact, mes loves to get on top of de bedroom door nows! Mama is thinking about getting mes another bigger cat tree since there not be any tree in de bedroom. 

Mes hope you enjoyed all of de pictures and getting to know mes a bit! Thank mew for visiting mes on my half-birthday!