Wednesday, September 27, 2023

My Friends Need Homes: #RememberMeThursday

 Hi everybody!

It's mes, Giovanni! Mama says today be Remember Me Thursday, a day we shine a light on all de pets who need loving forever homes. Sadly, there be millions of pets out there who have no forever home to call their own.  Mes has a couple of special kitties to tell you about today, but before mes does dat, mes wants to tell you a bit of my story.


My kitty mama was rescued from Houston, Texas and transported to Colorado. When she was rescued, she had four babies in her belly, including me! My mama had me and my brother and sisters on March 29, 2023. We all lived in a very lovely foster home while we waited to be old enough to get our spay and neuter surgeries. 

Mes met my human Mama in de first week of June. There were a few peoples interested in mes. Who wouldn't be? Mes is adorable, right?! Well, long story short, my foster mama decided my human mama would give mes the bestest home, so she adopted mes to her! So on June 11, 2023, mama brought me home to live with her and Tylan! And mes has fit in purrfectly from day one. 

Mama said she felt bad for my kitty mama (Fiona) because when she came to pick mes up at my foster home, mes was the only kitten she had left. Everybody had already come earlier that day to get my siblings. Mama thought Fiona would be sad without all her babies but was sure she'd find a loving home in no time.

Sadly, that was not de case. My kitty mama still needs a home! So, let mes tell you a bit about my mama. 

Mom Fiona
Fiona, Giovanni's mom. Photo from Fiona's PetFinder profile.

My mama's name is Fiona, and she is two years old. She has a lovely dilute calico coat. She likes other kitties, and she was always nice to me and my siblings. My mama is sweet, and while she is not a lap cat, she loves to hang out with her people. The rescue doesn't know how Fiona is with dogs or children, but they think she would probably be okay with them if they are introduced properly. 

My mama loves to play (like me!). She especially loves laser pointers and wand toys. She also likes to snuggle with soft blankies and with laundry that smells like her people. My mama is like mes in that she can be a bit shy at first, but she warms up quickly. 

If you want more information about my mama, you can visit her PetFinder profile. There, you will find contact information for our rescue. They are very nice folks, so please reach out to them if you are interested in my mama, okay?

There be another kitty we want to tell you about. His name is Odin, and Mama was interested in him when she was looking for a new orangie. Hims be five years old and has short orange furs. He is quite a handsome follow, don't you think?

Odin. Photo from Odin's PetFinder profile.

Odin loves, loves, loves people. He is not a fan of other cats, though, so he will need to find a home where he is the only kitty. Other kitties overwhelm Odin and make him anxious. Odin is rocking the pirate look! Hims came from Texas with a bad eye injury, but as soon as hims arrived in Colorado, they took care of it. They had to remove his eye. Hims is now pain-free and does just fine with one eye.

Odin be a curious mancat and loves to sit in de window and watch de world. Hims also loves boxes! Hims would be a purrfect fit in a home where hims is de only pet and hims people would give hims all de love and attention hims deserves. 

You can find more information about Odin on hims PetFinder profile. There, you will find the rescue's contact information. Please reach out to them if you is interested in adopting Odin.

Mes hopes that both of these pawesome kitties find their forever homes like mes did.

Thank mew so much to de Colorado Feline Foster Rescue for rescuing my mama and us babies. Thank mew so very much to my foster parents who loved mes and took such good care of all of us while we waited to be old enough to find our forever homes. Mes will never forget yous!

Remember Me Thursday


  1. Giovanni, we loved learning your adoption story, and it was so nice of you to share about some of your friends who are still looking for their happily ever afters. Big hugs, and thank you for posting on Remember Me Thursday!

  2. I am glad you have your loving forever home, Giovanni. Your mom Fiona is not much more than a kitten herself. She has such a pretty face, and I hope she will soon get her forever home. Odin is very handsome too and I hope he soon gets a home.

  3. Yes Giovanni, you sure were one of the lucky ones and we sure hope your Mama Fiona and handsome Odin get to go home soon too.

  4. Giovanni, we're glad you have such a loving home and we wish the same for your mom Fiona and for Odin! We send many purrs for everyone to have a home!

  5. We send Fiona & Odin purrayers and Power of the Paw that they soon find good homes...and all the other kitties and woofies too !

  6. Your mama is gorgeous!!! How has she not been adopted yet? Odin looks like such a sweetheart too. We purr they both find the purrfect forever home very soon.

  7. I wish you could have your mama live with you. I hope she gets a forever home soon. I wish all kitties could. XO

  8. I sure hope your mama Fiona finds a home soon. Same goes with Odin. ~Ernie

  9. We are so glad you got 'found' Giovanni!
    We are from Texas, too! Imagine that!

    We sure hope Fiona and Odin find their people...and so many others as well.