Saturday, October 7, 2023

Happy 5th Gotcha Day, Tylan!


Tylan Gotcha Day

Hi everyone, it's me, Tylan!

Today is my 5th Gotcha Day! Since they don't know when my birthday is (and I'm not telling), we celebrate my birthday today, too. Can you all believe it's been five years since I came to live with the Mom lady because I sure can't! 

I sure have come a long way since I came to live with the Mom lady and Angel Carmine. It took me a long while, but now I know I can go wherever I want when I want and I know that my belly will always be full of tasty noms. Who would have guessed this once-starving Thailand street cat would find himself in a forever home where there's an abundance of food, love, and spoiling?

I got my Gotcha Day "prezzie" a bit early this year. You see, I have always wanted another kitty to play with. I tried to play with Carmine all the time, but he said he was too tired, and I sometimes annoyed him with all my energy and playfulness.

After Carmine went to the Rainbow Bridge, the Mom lady saw how sad I was without him. So she went and found Giovanni, who she hoped would be a purrfect match for me. She was a bit worried about how we'd get along.

Tylan and Giovanni

That worry didn't last long! Within two days, Giovanni and I were great friends! We play together all the time. And while we do not share beds, we are often hanging out near each other when we are resting. 

The only thing is....sometimes Giovanni likes to steal my noms. I bet Carmine is laughing about that since I used to steal his noms. It is definitely more fun to steal than to be stolen from, MOL! 

Thanks for the (almost) purrfect gift, Mom lady! I love him!

Happy 5th Gotcha Day, Tylan! We love you!!
Mom and Giovanni


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Tylan! I remember when you came to your forever home and your mom wanted suggestions for your name. It made me very happy when she chose my suggestion.

  2. Happy Five Times to you Mr Tylan and to Mom Sierra ... and very good day for both of you when you got "each other" ... enjoy!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day sweet Tylan, we love you bunches!

  4. Happy gotcha day, Tylan! We hope your day and year are amazing! XO

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, Tylan! We hope mew have an epically epic day sweetie!

  6. A very happy Gotcha Day to you and Tylan!

  7. I've been reading about how well you two get on. That is wonderful. And happy Gotcha Day to you. XX

  8. Happy Gotcha Day, Tylan! I hope you get lots of treats!

  9. Happy Belated Gotcha/Birthday, Tylan!! Whata great day to celebrate all of those things...and we love you too. Your present is 'furrific'!!

  10. Happy Gotcha Day (and Happy Birthday), Tylan.

  11. Happy going today TYLAN! So happy you got a living birthday present I can play with you. You both look so sweet together