Wednesday, March 20, 2024

A Special Announcement from Giovanni on Thankful Thursday


Mama: Look, Giovanni! Purrseverance: Inspiring Stories of Cat Resilience and Hope is here! Doesn't your brother make a handsome cover model?

Giovanni: Yes, but de cover would have been cuter with mes on it.

Mama: Now, Giovanni. We had this discussion. You can't be on the cover because you're not in the book.

Giovanni: But Mama, mes wants to be in de book!

Mama: I'm glad you're not in the book. 

Giovanni: But, why?!

Mama: Every kitty who is in this book has had a significant challenge in their life to overcome. I'm glad you haven't had to face any really challenging situations. 

Giovanni: But mes wants to be in de book like Tylan!

So, Mama thought about it for a little while...

Mama: Giovanni, I figured out how you can be included in this project, even though you're not in the book.

Giovanni: YIPEE!!


Mama: Remember I told you that I am going to donate part of the proceeds from book sales to help other kitties? I decided to make the first beneficiary Colorado Feline Foster Rescue. They will receive 25% of the proceeds we get from Purrseverance sales from this April to April, 2025. And then we will have all our friends help us choose a different kitty shelter or rescue to donate to each year after that on your birthday. How does that sound?

Giovanni: Mes likes dat idea, Mama! Those nice folks at Colorado Feline Foster Rescue saved my kitty mama and me and my brother and sisters (in her belly) from Texas. Then, when we was born, my nice foster mama took care of me, my kitty mama, and my siblings. Hers took really good care of us while we waited to get old enough to find forever homes. Mes is very thankful that mes was so well-cared for, and mes would like other kitties to be able to have such nice foster homes with lots of toys and food and love while they wait for forever homes like mes did! 

Dat be a good way to show our gratitude for everything mines rescue did for me and my family and for them placing me with you, Mama! 

Mama: I agree. I am so thankful to your rescue for taking such good care of you, and I am happy I can give to them so they can help more precious kitty fuzzies.

Purrseverance is Now Available for Preorder

You can purchase a print or ebook copy of Purrseverance: Inspiring Stories of Cat Resilience and Hope now over at our BookBaby shop! There are links there for Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well. The book oficially releases on April 11, 2024.

Thankful Thursday


  1. Good job Giovanni (and Mama )! We have pre-ordered !

  2. Many concats on getting Purrseverence out!

  3. Such a nice thankful post sweet Giovanni. We are proud of your Mama and you two boys for all the help you've given her. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. Giovanni, we love how your Mama made sure that you could be a part of the book, too. Congratulations to her, and good job by you and Tylan to help her so much. XO