Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Thankful Thursday


Giovanni loves this condo on his cat tree.

Hi everybody, it's mes, Giovanni!

It has been too long since Mama helped mes post here. Hers was all busy with that pesky book of hers that mes isn't even in, and then once hers got done with that, hers said hers needed to catch up a bit on de housework. Now hers is a bit caught up on all de stuff. So there shouldn't be any reason hers can't help mes post here more, right?

Mes has a couple of thankfuls for today. Mes is going to join Brian's Thankful Thursday blog hop! Mes hopes to see many of our friends there.

First, mes went to de vet with Tylan last week. Mes always tries to get into Tylan's carrier when Mama pulls it out to take him to acupuncture. Hers thought it would be wasy to get mes in my carrier because of this. NOPE!! Mes squeaked and mewed and squirmed and made it very hard for hers to get me in my carrier! Mes squeaked and mewed a bit on de way to de vet but not nearly as much as Tylan. Mes has never heard Tylan be so LOUD. Hims yelled and yelled and yelled the whole way there. Mama says that's what hims always does in de car. 

When we got to de vet, they took Tylan away so de vet could do his acupuncture while mes saw a different vet for mines exam. Mama stayed with mes, and mes was glad. 

Mes was a very good boy and letted de vet examine mes, feel my tummy, stretch out my legs, listen to my heart, look in my mouth, and even look in my ears and eyes. The vet and Mama said mes was a very good boy.

De vet talked to Mama and said mes is purrfect. And yous know what? Hims said my teeth look "immaculate!" Mama says that teeth brushing hers does for mes must be working. 

De vet said mes has a good body condition, no heart murmurs, healthy joints, and my eyes and ears look great. Hims says mes weighs 9.62 pounds and that Mama should try to keep mes around dat weight because it be a good weight for mes. 

So my first thankful is for a clean bill of health for mes!

My second thankful be for my big brother, Tylan. See, de vet and Mama decided it would be wise to try and get him off his prednisolone, which hims takes for stomatitis and asthma and chronic pancreatitis. So de vet lowered Tylan's dose from 5mg to 2.5mg a day. He was on dat dose for three weeks, and hims did not feel good. Hims was nauseous and vomiting and hims was hiding in de pink cube a lot. Hims still ate some and played with mes everyday, but hims wasn't de happy Tylan me and Mama know and love.

He seemed to be feeling worse over time, so Mama said dat's enough and called de vet last week. They told hers to raise Tylan's dose back to 5mg a day. Hers did, and within three days, Tylan be out and about, more active, not vomiting, eating like a cow (hey! who keeps stealing my food?!), and playing with mes more!! 

Tylan went to see his vet on Tuesday for hims acupuncture, and she said for now to leave his pred dose alone cause hims be happy and feeling good nows. 

So, my second thankful is dat mines big brother be feeling so much better!

What is yous thankful for today? 
Thankful Thursday


  1. Wonderful thankfuls ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Those are both super fabulous thankfuls Giovanni and we're so happy you have a good Vet place that takes wonderful care of both of you! Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. I am glad you got a clean bill of health. Sorry Tylan needs the full dose of prednisone, but I am glad it makes him feel good. XO

  4. Hooray for a great ver report, Giovanni!

    And we too are glad that Tylan is feeling better and is more frisky.

  5. I am glad you got a very good vet report, Giovanni. I am sorry Tylan felt bad on the lower Pred. dose, but glad he is feeling better again now he is back on the higher dose.

  6. We're so glad you got a good vet report, Giovanni! And, we're glad Tylan is doing well, too! Good news all around, yay!

  7. Oh, Giovanni, you are one BEE-OU-TI-FUL kitty. So good at the vet, too.

  8. Giovanni, we are glad you were such a good boy at the vet, and that you got such a clean bill of health. And we're happy that Tylan got those dosages all straightened out and is doing so much better.